PATA-Printmaking and Textile Art Workshops

A group of international students convened at the Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź, Poland to participate in “Resist!,” a two week intensive course on designing and dyeing cotton warps with red and yellow plant based dyes. Participants from Poland joined with other textile artists from England, Iceland, Ireland, and Spain. The academy isContinue reading “PATA-Printmaking and Textile Art Workshops”

Weaving ikat with natural dye! Summer 2014

I have been waiting to weave up the warp that I dyed in the summer of 2013. Finally, I have the time to put it on the loom and weave it up. Dyes are from madder and cosmos flowers. The weave structure requires 16 shafts and I am using 3 colors in the weft.

The Golden Fiber

Wendy Weiss The Golden Fiber Bamboo (courtesy of Art Factory); spray paint; nylon monofilament In 1881, the Dolphin Manufacturing Company, also known as the Dolphin Jute Mill, was the largest jute factory in the United States. It processed over two thousand tons of jute, used 3,376 spindles to produce yarn, 86 looms to weave cloth,Continue reading “The Golden Fiber”

The Everyday Interests of Young People

Exhibition by Jay Kreimer and Wendy Weiss at the Tugboat Gallery in Lincoln, NE. Sept. 7-29, 2012. The Everyday Interest of Young People is about mixing, and watching, and at least three species of containment. Feel like the walls are closing in? The two of us are combining a number of our controlled obsessions, andContinue reading “The Everyday Interests of Young People”