There’s Always an Apex Predator

Tugboat Gallery, Lincoln, Nebraska’s most hip alternative space presented “There’s Always an Apex Predator” featuring new work by Jay Kreimer and Wendy Weiss, September 2-29, 2016. “There’s Always an Apex Predator” explores crocodiles, prisoners of war, the holocaust and more though painted wood sculptures, digitally cut vinyl wall installations, prints, and a sound score byContinue reading “There’s Always an Apex Predator”

They Gave Us Directions

They Gave Us Directions Lux Art Center, Lincoln, NE…/they-gave-us-directions-by-jay-kreimer-and-wendy-weiss First Friday Reception: Friday, May 6, 2016 from 5-8 p.m. View through June 24 Bri Murphy, gallery director of the Lux Art Center, sent out the message I have pasted below: May is another month with two exciting exhibition openings you won’t want to miss.Continue reading “They Gave Us Directions”

The Golden Fiber

Wendy Weiss The Golden Fiber Bamboo (courtesy of Art Factory); spray paint; nylon monofilament In 1881, the Dolphin Manufacturing Company, also known as the Dolphin Jute Mill, was the largest jute factory in the United States. It processed over two thousand tons of jute, used 3,376 spindles to produce yarn, 86 looms to weave cloth,Continue reading “The Golden Fiber”