Remote Learning: Introduction to Natural Dye class on wool at Peter’s Valley School of Craft, beginning with naturally colored wool, students developed a range of color using Logwood, Brazilwood, Rubia cordifolia (Indian Madder Root), and Osage Orange. This workshop group met on two consecutive Saturdays for a total of 5 hours and worked independently overContinue reading “Teaching”

They Gave Us Directions

Original image posted in Indian Printed Textiles, a catalogue of the collection by Ruth Barnes. The entire collection is available to view courtesy of  Eastern Art on-line at the Ashmolean Museum at Oxford. http://www.jameelcentre.ashmolean.org/collection/7/10236/10407 Motif developed from a textile fragment with rosettes, arches, stylized trees or flowers, and leaves. Date: 2nd half of the 13thContinue reading “They Gave Us Directions”

Research on Indian Ikat influenced the development of studio ikat method

Ikat is a traditional form of yarn preparation for weaving that is practiced in many Asian and Central Asian countries as well as Central and South America and North Africa. Artisans bind selected sections of warp or weft threads before dyeing, in order to form patterns in the cloth as it is woven on theContinue reading “Research on Indian Ikat influenced the development of studio ikat method”

PATA-Printmaking and Textile Art Workshops

A group of international students convened at the Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź, Poland to participate in “Resist!,” a two week intensive course on designing and dyeing cotton warps with red and yellow plant based dyes. Participants from Poland joined with other textile artists from England, Iceland, Ireland, and Spain. The academy isContinue reading “PATA-Printmaking and Textile Art Workshops”

Weaving ikat with natural dye! Summer 2014

I have been waiting to weave up the warp that I dyed in the summer of 2013. Finally, I have the time to put it on the loom and weave it up. Dyes are from madder and cosmos flowers. The weave structure requires 16 shafts and I am using 3 colors in the weft.