Surface Design Association

Guest Editor 40th Anniversary Summer Issue I was honored to be the guest editor of the summer issue and enjoyed developing content, working with the authors, staff, and editor Marci Rae McDade. Your copy of the Summer Issue, Making our Mark: SDA at 40, is available with membership to the Surface Design Association, AngelaContinue reading “Surface Design Association”

There’s Always an Apex Predator

Tugboat Gallery, Lincoln, Nebraska’s most hip alternative space presented “There’s Always an Apex Predator” featuring new work by Jay Kreimer and Wendy Weiss, September 2-29, 2016. “There’s Always an Apex Predator” explores crocodiles, prisoners of war, the holocaust and more though painted wood sculptures, digitally cut vinyl wall installations, prints and a sound score byContinue reading “There’s Always an Apex Predator”

Litzmannstadt Getto, 1940-1944, 2016

I have returned to the city of Lodz, Poland again and again. It is home to an extraordinary group of weavers and textile artists whose innovation and creativity inspire me. Its history haunts me. I first visited Poland in 1992 and have had the privilege to return a number of times over the years. InContinue reading “Litzmannstadt Getto, 1940-1944, 2016”

They Gave Us Directions

Original image posted in Indian Printed Textiles, a catalogue of the collection by Ruth Barnes. The entire collection is available to view courtesy of  Eastern Art on-line at the Ashmolean Museum at Oxford. Motif developed from a textile fragment with rosettes, arches, stylized trees or flowers, and leaves. Date: 2nd half of the 13thContinue reading “They Gave Us Directions”

They Gave Us Directions

They Gave Us Directions Lux Art Center, Lincoln, NE…/they-gave-us-directions-by-jay-kreimer-and-wendy-weiss First Friday Reception: Friday, May 6, 2016 from 5-8 p.m. View through June 24 Bri Murphy, gallery director of the Lux Art Center, sent out the message I have pasted below: May is another month with two exciting exhibition openings you won’t want to miss.Continue reading “They Gave Us Directions”