Pentagon Project


Pentagon Project. Five paneled sculpture; screen printed on fabric.

Weiss, Wendy.  The Space Between, 1996-97.Wheel of Fortune: Women in the War Zone, 1994, Pentagon Project, 1990.  (col. illus. & details),<Novel Objet III>, Design House.  Seoul. 1997. Pp.  214-15.

Weiss, Wendy.  Pentagon Project, 1990.  American Craft, vol. 52, no. 6. December/January 1992-93.  p. 74.

Weiss, Wendy.  Pentagon Project, 1990 and At the Fence #5, Love of My Brother, 1991; with artist’s statement.  Surface Design Journal, Summer, 1992.  p. 24.

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Bogues, Maureen.  Putting a hard edge on soft art. (illus. Pentagon Project, 1990.    The Lincoln Star, October 11, 1990.  p. 14.

Moore, Kathryn.  Fiber of the times in art exhibit. (illus. Pentagon Project (model), 1989)  The Lincoln Journal, September 28, 1990.  p. 12.

Weiss, Wendy.  Pentagon Project (model), with artist’s statement.  1989.  Fiberarts, vol. 17, no. 1.  Summer 1990.  p. 45.

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